2020 Toronto CARM Convention - Registration Form


The 2020 Toronto CARM Convention has been postponed due to the risks associated with the outbreak of the Covid19 virus.

A revised date will be announced once it is clear that the convention can proceed without risk to delegates, organizers, clinicians, layout hosts and others involved in the successful execution of this event.

The Spring 2020 issue of The Canadian as well as the Winter 2020 issue carry articles describing some of the layouts which will be on display for delegates to the future convention. Keep these issues for future reference.

See the HOME page for more information.

IDENTIFICATION            See Registering for instructions.            Print with narrow / no margins.

  Name _____________________________________________________________________________

  Street / PO Box / RR # _______________________________________________________________

  City/Town ____________________________________     Province ____     Postal Code __________

  Email ____________________________________________      CARM Member?   Yes ___   No ___


  We recommend registering in advance, postmarked by March 31, 2020, to save you money and time.
  The convention price varies (see table below).
  (Transportation, meals other than Meet & Greet and accommodation are not included in the price.)
  If you want to join CARM, click on "Joining CARM" in the web site menu. Dues are $0 to $36.

By March 31 After March 31   Price Name(s)
CARM member $65 each $75 each $_____
Nonmember $75 each $85 each $_____
Spouse/Partner (full attendee) $35 $45 $_____ _____________________
Spouse/Partner/Youth (non-rail only) $10 $15 $_____ _____________________
Youth 6 to 16 (full attendee) $30 each $40 each $_____ _____________________
Child under 6   Free   Free   Free  _____________________
TOTAL $_____


  We do not handle accommodation arrangements - Humber College does that for us.
  See www.caorm.org/2020_Toronto/residence.php.


  Are you bringing models or pictures?
  See www.caorm.org/2020_Toronto/contest.php.
     Yes   _____
      No   _____


  Do you need a ride?            Yes   _____           No   _____
  Can you provide rides?            Yes   _____           No   _____


  Mail this form and a cheque for the total price above, payable to "Joan McIntosh" to:
      CARM Convention Registrar
      2219 Council Ring Road
      Mississauga, ON   L5L 1B6   Canada

  It must be postmarked by March 31, 2020 to take advantage of the discounted rate.         Updated 2020/03/25 IM