2020 Toronto C A R M CARM

2020 Toronto CARM Convention - Model and Photo Contest


Model and Photo Contest




Taking Photographs of Contest Entries:



General Rules

  1. Rules and guidelines governing specific general contest will be detailed with each listing of contest category.
  2. All models shall be built entirely by the entrant or photographed by the entrant without help from any other person. Entries should relate to railroad subjects.
  3. Only registered convention attendees may submit entries; no "proxy" entries are permitted.
  4. A limit of two models and/or photographs may be entered for each category in the contest.
  5. A model or photograph that has won first place in a previous CARM, NMRA, Narrow Gauge or other major convention cannot be entered in this contest.
  6. All photos must have been taken by the contestants and no previously published magazine, calendar or similar published image may be entered.
  7. Models are limited to items such as locomotives, rolling stock, cabooses, coaches, Maintenance of Way equipment or non-rail support equipment, buildings and other structures but must be single items. They may not include dioramas or trains of equipment with more than two pieces of equipment e.g. a locomotive and tender. A short section of track may be used for display purposes. Any scale is acceptable but the total model size may not be more than 50 centimetres long in its longest dimension.
  8. Photographs may be views of models or prototype railroads scenes. They must be printed on 5"x7" to 8.5"x11" sized paper/cardstock. No larger images will be permitted even if the additional size is a frame. No glass covers are permitted but photos may be matted. Unmatted photos must be mounted on cardstock or foamcore board or similar material. Digitally and computer enhanced photos, such as adding smoke or backgrounds, are permitted but it must be stated so in the description provided by the contestant.
  9. Contest winners must allow CARM to publish images of their winning entry in The Canadian and on the CARM website.

Contest Entry and Model/Photo Description Forms:

Contest Registration and Pickup:

We thank each entrant in advance for their cooperation in this endeavour.

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