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Dec. 9th, 2022

The hoiday season is here so our lives are busy again. During this time we wish everyone a happy holiday season. For some of us this means Christmas with family and friends or just hanging with like mined people celebrating whatever you're beliefs and interest may be. Remember to take a little time for your trains and possibly some reading with the winter issue of The Canadian, issue #82. It is ready for you and its' been added to the members area of the website.

Be sure to have a look at this issue of The Canadian for all of the features and articles. You can also check out all of the past issues in the members area.

A few of the 2023 CARM Calendars are still available so if you would like to get one or more contact us using the information on the home page of this website.
David King

Chapter Information

What are Chapters?

Chapters in CARM are groups of members that live in close proximity to each other or a group that has a similar focused interest that meet two or more times a year to discuss, teach others, learn from one another, pass on ideas or just socialize. Currently there are chapters in CARM that are spread out in various areas.

If you would like to start a chapter please contact the Chapter Support for more information about how a chapter works and to find out if there are enough members to form a chapter.



London and Area

Jasson Essery

Chapter Chair

LA Chapter Chair

Bruce Harmer

Chapter Tresurer

LA Chapter Treasurer

National Capital

Bruce Leckie

Chapter Chair

NC Chapter Chair

Ian Frost

Chapter Tresurer

NC Chapter Treasurer


Chapter Blog

NC Chapter Blog

Ontario Midwestern

Steve Hoshel

Chapter Chair

OM Chapter Chair

Randy Schnarr

Chapter Tresurer

OM Chapter Treasurer


Richard Morrison

Chapter Chair

TO Chapter Chair

Ian Jameson

Chapter Tresurer

TO Chapter Treasurer


Chapter Chat Group

TO On-line Chat Group