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Toronto Sign at City Hall

The 2020 Toronto CARM Convention will be held from Friday May 8 to Sunday May 10, 2020.

There will be a Meet and Greet, a CARM Annual General Meeting, Clinics, home Layout Tours and maybe also a model display and contest. Click on the menu items above for more information.

The convention location is not finalized yet. Once it is: Click on "Location" in the menu above for the address, directions and a map.

We recommend registering in advance, before March 31, 2020. See "Registering" in the menu above. Registering by March 31, 2020 will cost less than at the door.

ALL model railroaders are welcome, not just CARM members. Being a CARM member will cost a little less.
If you want to join CARM, click on "Joining CARM" in the menu above. Annual dues vary from $0 to $36 depending on what you want mailed versus emailed to you.

When you arrive at the convention location, come to the Registration Desk located in the TBD Room (follow the signs). It will be open from TBD to TBD Friday May 8, and from TBD to TBD Saturday May 9.

See "Accomodation" in the menu above for accomodation arrangements.

The advance registration convention price is TBD for CARM members and TBD for nonmembers.
At the door it will be TBD for CARM members and TBD for nonmembers.
Non-rail spouses / partners (if not going to clinics or layout tours) and children are lower price - click on "Registration" in the menu above for details.
(Transportation, meals other than Meet and Greet, and a room if needed are not included in the convention price.)

We are working as fast as we can to confirm the best arrangements for the convention location, but until that is confirmed we cannot finalize the registration fees. We anticipate being able to make an announcement before the end of October so please revisit this website so you can be kept up to date on not only the registration fee and accommodation but also layouts and clinics.

Please check back here in November.

Most of these pages except the Registration Form print better in landscape than portrait mode. The Registration Form needs minimal margins.

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