2020 Toronto C A R M CARM

2020 Toronto CARM Convention - Non-Rail

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The 2020 Toronto CARM Convention has been postponed due to the risks associated with the outbreak of the Covid19 virus.

A revised date will be announced once it is clear that the convention can proceed without risk to delegates, organizers, clinicians, layout hosts and others involved in the successful execution of this event.

The Spring 2020 issue of The Canadian as well as the Winter 2020 issue carry articles describing some of the layouts which will be on display for delegates to the future convention. Keep these issues for future reference.

See the HOME page for more information.

The Non-Rail part of the 2020 Toronto CARM Convention is for other family members (spouse / partner, youths and children) not participating in the clinics and layout tours. It does include a badge and the Friday night Meet and Greet.

Many non-convention activities will be available during the convention.

Ask the convention registration desk for advice, some handouts and coupons, and for help carpooling, and check the list below.

The underlined text below are clickable links to take you to a web site about that activity.

Some activities for adults:

Some activities for adults and kids:

Some activities for kids:

Some Theatres:

Not all productions are suitable for children.

Sightseeing Tours:



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